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Function of capillary module in direct expansion constant temperature

Author:Jiangsu YiLeng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2020-07-10

The capillary assembly includes a capillary and a check valve. One way valve is widely used in the outdoor unit of direct expansion constant temperature and humidity purification air conditioner. It is composed of auxiliary capillary and one-way valve. The one-way valve components of different types of air-conditioning machines are similar. There is an arrow on the one-way valve, which indicates that the air flow can only flow in the direction of the arrow, otherwise it stops and can only pass through the auxiliary capillary. The one-way valve assembly is installed at the lower rear of the outdoor unit. It is usually covered with a black damping block, and the asphalt coating is used for noise reduction.

The one-way valve assembly is only used in the heating process of the direct expansion constant temperature and humidity purification air conditioner, but it does not work in refrigeration. The function of one-way valve assembly in heating is to increase the flow resistance of refrigerant, reduce the flow speed of refrigerant, make the refrigerant fully evaporate in the outdoor unit, change the refrigerant gas discharged from the compressor into refrigerant liquid, and improve the heating effect of air conditioning.

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