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Precautions for installation of air cooled modular chiller and heater

Author:Jiangsu YiLeng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2020-07-10

1. The water filter must be installed, otherwise it will cause the unit board to change the freezing damage and other faults.

2. Before the operation of the unit, it is necessary to test run to remove the impurities in the pipeline.

3. When it snows in winter, the snow on the coil should be swept away to prevent damage to the compressor.

4. Except for special requirements, the unit is not equipped with built-in water pump.

5. The water flow switch shall be installed in the outlet pipeline close to the unit.

6. The filter of the unit should be cleaned regularly.

7. When installing multiple machines, ensure sufficient suction space to prevent short circuit circulation.

8. A standard damping plastic pad is set on the base of the supporting plate of the unit to reduce vibration and vibration transmission.

9. When the cooling and heating units are installed on the ground, the unit should be at least 20cm above the ground for drainage.

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